Turning Earth

This piece of land: 20 years

On this day 20 years ago, 6 September 1996, two people had their first meal in this garden. Setting up a small table on the small lawn, in the evening, in gathering darkness, after a long day. Moving in day, long awaited.

About the time I’m writing this they were¬†drinking champagne. Then feeling relieved and happy to be here at last, in this house that nearly wasn’t theirs, was almost sold to someone else, but came back to them like it was meant to be.

It was our perfect place. Felt like it was meant to be.

And then years of making a home and a garden here, so many years.

A website called Turning Earth describes the garden-making part of it.

In early 2014, one of them left.

The one who stayed knew that the most important thing was to hang on to what was left, what remained. This land. This piece of land, our home, our garden. My home, my garden.

With the sparrows nesting in the eaves and the blackbirds nesting in the ivy and the young birds blundering in occasionally through open windows and doors, and the frogs in the pond. And the protected space of it all, a kindly sanctuary for the small beasts and birds, and for me.

Small miracles do happen.

I was pushed into a skydive, in early 2014, far above the earth I know and love, plummeting downwards. But many small parachutes came to assist, and, in the end, the landing was gentle, back here on the bit of earth I know, the bit of land that means the world to me.

20 years of knowing this piece of land, planting in its earth, and repairing and painting and renovating the brick, plaster, wood and iron of the house this garden wraps around. And still sparrows in the eaves and blackbirds in the ivy.

I’m popping out now to Millennium Shed to celebrate/acknowledge this 20 year anniversary, which, after recent happenings and changes, means more than I can say.



  1. Gale

    Happy anniversary to you and your sanctuary.

  2. Oona

    I came to your site when the Millennium Shed was new and my own life was in turmoil. The personality with which you infuse your work — photos and text — continue to lift my spirits. Thank you for being faithful to your own small patch of ground and for inviting us in.

  3. Janet

    Love xx

  4. Lisa

    What a lovely, touching and personal story. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

    Thanks also for giving us a peek into your ever-evolving garden over the years. Having moved to our own little house and garden around the same number of years ago, your site has been a regular source of information and inspiration.

    Wishing you peace and comfort in the space that remains, and joy and serenity in your lovely garden.

  5. Denise Davies

    Thank you for being such an inspiration. I started reading your blog a few years ago after downsizing to a smaller house with a very small garden.

    With gratitude and love


  6. janet Issa

    Thinking of you dear lady and your beautiful sanctuary.
    Realising I miss your news.
    With much love as this year meets you with its awakening xx

  7. Lisa @TurningEarthLisa @TurningEarth (Post author)

    I really appreciate your kind words added to this page. Thank you. Not sure I’m able to take this online writing from those days into these days, but I’ve just added a brief April update – /turning-earth.co.uk/the-garden-in-april-2017/

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