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The garden in April 2017

Garden view, 12 April 2017

Garden view, 12 April 2017

It has been a while, hasn’t it. Writing about the garden online isn’t feeling like something I want to do now, I think I’d rather write about it in a format that involves old-fashioned paper, and I’m working on that. But here’s a few photos and notes from the garden in April, as April is such a wonderful month, such beautiful light, and startlingly colourful every year.

From the kitchen window:

Garden, from window, 29 April 2017

Garden, from window, 29 April 2017

And Kitchen Corner:

Kitchen Corner, 21 April 2017

Kitchen Corner, 21 April 2017

And alongside the orange, yellow and red tulips, these are new to the garden this spring, ‘Formosa’, apparently, although they don’t quite match the other ‘Formosa’ photos I’ve found online:

Tulip 'Formosa', 21 April 2017

Tulip ‘Formosa’, 21 April 2017

I’m not disappointed because I didn’t have expectations. Basically I went to the garden centre quite late in the autumn and they didn’t have much choice left. I wanted various tulips they didn’t have, I bought ten of three varieties I’d never heard of before, they’ve all been just as pleasing as my wish list ones would have been. Unfortunately I don’t seem to have decent photos of the other two (‘Ad Rem’ and ‘Hamilton’).

Just recently come into flower:

Narcissus 'Pheasant's Eye', 29 April 2017

Narcissus ‘Pheasant’s Eye’, 29 April 2017

Such a beautiful narcissus, but doesn’t seem to like this garden and despite being bought as bulbs in the past hasn’t flowered after the first year. In the time of austerity I did without it. New bulbs bought last autumn, much appreciated.

But a favourite is this one, ‘Hawera’, in a pot by the back door, strongly scented:

Narcissus 'Hawera', 21 April 2017

Narcissus ‘Hawera’, 21 April 2017

They’ve all needed watering frequently, these potted bulbs, as we haven’t seen much rain. We have had hailstones recently, which I know from my garden diaries has happened before in April. Thankfully the new soft leaves of the hostas weren’t damaged this time.

In the last couple of years more space has been made for things we can eat, and after a fairly gentle winter and mild spring (apart from the hailstones) there have been small harvestings already from the kale:

Kale croppings, from overwintered plants, 13 April 2017

Kale croppings, from overwintered plants, 13 April 2017

And also from the chard, starting back in late March:

Small chard crop, from overwintered plants, 26 March 2017

Small chard crop, from overwintered plants, 26 March 2017

Chard ‘Bright Lights’, which I’ve been growing for about four years now, and finding more space for it as it’s so handsome in the garden as well as nice to eat, and a healthy and nutritious thing to be eating.

I’m about to be without a decent internet connection for a time, which will be strange. But perhaps a good thing. Can explore that print thing I mentioned, without the distraction of the increasingly busy/noisy always-on online world.


  1. Helen

    Lovely photos – so colourful and cheering after a long winter.

  2. Gale

    Always a pleasure to visit your garden! Enjoy your time offline .

  3. Denise Davies

    After moving into a property 11 years ago with a small garden I have found your garden very inspirational Hope you enjoy your traditional writing but I know myself and others would appreciate the occasional update on-line , sending you lots of ‘horticultural’ love xx

  4. Frank Schencks

    Your garden continues to be beautiful. Enjoy your writing.

  5. sharon Walker

    Thanks very much for the update, the garden looks beautiful x

  6. Kate

    Such a lovely arrangement of beautiful plants. Thank you for sharing your garden in this way. I love finding an update!

  7. Oona

    Thank you for these lovely views of your established and evolving garden. I return and enjoy when my own plot feels barren, and appreciate your perspective. Please do post updates as your writing progresses. Would love to see it, however it appears.

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