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In January 2001 I set up a personal website called Turning Earth, at www.turning-earth.co.uk. It was added to enthusiastically over its first few years online.

Inevitably updates were added less often as time went on, and nothing has been added in recent years, since spring 2014. Partly for technical reasons, partly (mainly) for personal reasons.

But because it still has visitors, and because of comments left and emails received since I last added any updates, I thought I’d acknowledge and perhaps even celebrate its 15 years online by making some changes to allow me to post garden news more often. So that’s why this page, the new home page, looks different from the old site.

Recent posts can be found on this link.

There are hundreds of older pages from the original site, but from early 2016, if you select the home page, you’ll end up at this new place. The old site and this new version aren’t linked, it’s not really possible to do that at present. But the old site is still all online, and most of its pages can be found via the site map of the old site. (The ‘home’ link now redirects to here.)

For more background please see the first posting on this new version of the site.

Thanks to everyone who has contacted me about the pages on Turning Earth over the years.



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