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Beltane today, and looking back on April

Tulip, possibly 'Orange Emperor'? - 17 April 2016

Tulip, possibly ‘Orange Emperor’? – 17 April 2016

Hurrah, tulip time again. I love all the spring bulbs, but tulips in particular. I’d been a bit concerned that a lack of investment in new bulbs for the last couple of years may mean that the display would be a bit pathetic this spring. But nothing pathetic about the small selection that has flowered in recent weeks.

Labels have been lost so I’m not always sure what’s what, but a packet of yellow ones were planted by the garden wall last autumn, and these are apparently ‘Yellow Emperor’. That’s what the packet said anyway.

Tulip 'Yellow Emperor', 20 April 2016

Tulip ‘Yellow Emperor’, 20 April 2016

They’re planted on ‘Rosie’s rest’, and interspersed with forget-me-nots, in a quiet corner near the garden wall. Perhaps I’ll write more about Rosie and her rest another time.

This April has had a few beautiful sunny days, the days when garden planting and tidying took place, and I was able to take photos of tulips opening wide to the sun. But in its usual changeable way it has also delivered really cold blasts of wind from the north, and wintry showers, including hailstones. I know, from keeping a diary of the garden in earlier years, that hailstones in April isn’t unknown, but this April we seem to have seen more hailstorms than usual. I took some photos of the enormous hailstones in the garden but can’t find them at present to add to this page, but then that doesn’t matter, I think we all know what hailstones look like.

The other thing I must mention is that many of the brighter and warmer days in April were enhanced by, and enjoyed by, two furry friends who have been with me since autumn, brought home from the RSPCA.

Furry friends, paws, 21 April 2016

Furry friends, paws, 21 April 2016

They like to sit on the lid of the compost bin and soak up the sun.

Furry friends, 21 April 2016

Furry friends, 21 April 2016

It’s May Day today — Beltane — and tulips are still in flower, with everything else greening up. Here’s a photo taken from the kitchen window this afternoon.

Garden view from the kitchen window, 1 May 2016

Garden view from the kitchen window, 1 May 2016


  1. Janetissabelle@yahoo.com

    I’m always so pleased when I see your name in my email, great I think, another garden adventure, tulips and paws are looking fab. In my garden A lot of last year’s tulips didn’t emerge this year. Glad to know these ones are more reliably perennial. Love your garden, looking beautiful.

    1. Lisa @TurningEarthLisa @TurningEarth (Post author)

      So many tulips I used to have didn’t emerge, or if they did were just leaf with no flower. Just posted an update with a photo of my one ‘West Point’ from at least ten. Other gardeners I’ve spoken to say the same, so it’s not just us. My approach now is to buy a few of the ones I really like, as they’re so important to me at this time of the year.

      Lovely to read your comment, thank you. The paws on the cats are still looking fab, even though the tulip flowers are fading.

  2. Stephen

    So nice to have you back in’GARDENING MODE’,after long absence,concerned with other things.Absent friends,from away have missed you,and enjoy your new,up beat efforts( Keep away from shredders,they are dangerous beasts!) I remember Laurel bush leaves of old,used to put leaf between thumbs in. clasped hands,and blow raspberries,did you do so?

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