Turning Earth

15 years on


Fern unfurling

At this time in 2001, a full fifteen years back in the misty and distant past, I was getting a website ready for launching onto the new and really exciting platform of the worldwide web. I invested weeks of work into it, making pages one by one, carefully crafted, photos and words. All about my garden, a garden then quite new, less than five years old.

Now, in January 2016, this website, www.turning-earth.co.uk has reached its 15th year online and the garden is almost 20 years old. (The garden itself is really much older than that, but my making and tending of it has been for the last nineteen-and-a-bit years.)

Old emails printed out and kept in a now rather dusty folder clarified the relevant dates, and confirmed that on a particular date in January 2001 I submitted my new website to the Yahoo! listings.

Putting the Turning Earth website online was one of the most exciting and rewarding things I’ve done. And within days of its appearance I had emails from friends congratulating me on its arrival online (also recently discovered, printed out, kept in the same folder). Including one from someone who wasn’t a friend, but who had just noticed my site via Yahoo! notifications.

There were so few websites back then.

This website wasn’t updated that often as time went on, and I haven’t added anything since spring 2014. I wasn’t able to, for various reasons, some technical, some personal, and all too much to go in to right now.

But at the start of 2016, as I once again renewed the domain name for this site, originally bought on the 8 Jan 2001, I thought I should acknowledge and perhaps even celebrate that 15 year landmark by doing a few hours of work to allow me to perhaps update more often, in a new format.

I think I’ll be adding mainly photos, and won’t be posting things very often, because many things have changed since 2001 and putting content online isn’t quite as tremendously exciting as it was back then.

Anyway, happy 15th anniversary, www.turning-earth.co.uk.


Shadow of flower bud on leaf




  1. Anne

    Great to see you are still gardening and posting, I’ve had the link to your site in my Favourites for a few years now (I work in an office in the city centre and it’s very cheering on a particularly grey and busy day to click the link at lunchtime for a quick nosey at your greenery and flowers!)

  2. Lisa @TurningEarthLisa @TurningEarth (Post author)

    It was lovely to read your comment Anne, thank you. I’ve always tried to make this a cheery place. So nice to read that you’ve enjoyed visiting over the years.


  3. Ilona E

    I remember those days! You have always been a favorite, and I am so glad I followed curiosity and checked out your link again today. You have such a lovely,unique voice in garden writing and I am glad you have returned to recording your photos and thoughts here once again.

    1. Lisa @TurningEarthLisa @TurningEarth (Post author)

      Ilona! I remember you too, and linking to your site back then. Thank you for your kind words, and for remembering those old days :)

  4. Gale

    It’s so nice to see you back in your garden this time of year–just as my “maturing” muscles deal with my own somewhat obstreperous garden. Hopefully we AND our gardens will come away rejuvenated from all our efforts!

    1. Lisa @TurningEarthLisa @TurningEarth (Post author)

      Gale, I do like the “maturing” word, sounds so positive, will use it more often I think. And “obstreperous” – my garden is certainly that. Lovely to see your comment, thank you.

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